One Day in May, I made a mistake

I planned out this epic little trek through eastern Iowa. And somewhere in the middle I messed up. We drove completely around Tipton and the Cedar County Courthouse.

Trip 7

  1. (A) Des Moines
  2. (B) Cedar Rapids
  3. (C) Anamosa
  4. (D) Maquoketa
  5. (E) Clinton
  6. (F) Davenport
  7. (G) Muscatine
  8. (H) Iowa City
  9. (I) Marengo
  10. (J) Newton
  11. (K) Des Moines

A total of 458.8 miles and 9 hours and 4 minutes of driving time.

60. Linn County Courthouse. Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

60 Cedar Rapids - Linn County Courthouse Stitch

Pretty neat how this one is on an island in the Cedar River.

61. Jones County Courthouse. Anamosa, Iowa.

61 Anamosa - Jones County Courthouse Stitch

62. Jackson County Courthouse. Maquoketa, Iowa.

62 Maquoketa - Jackson County Courthouse Stitch

Drove by this one almost a dozen times before we realized this little office building was their grand courthouse. What a let down. I’m sure they saved their taxpayers tons of money… or at least they should have.

63. Clinton County Courthouse. Clinton, Iowa.

63 Clinton - Clinton County Courthouse Stitch

64. Scott County Courthouse. Davenport, Iowa.

64 Davenport - Scott County Courthouse Stitch

We liked this one. It wasn’t difficult to find and the modern look is very, um, inviting. The building itself isn’t as imposing as it seems in the picture.

Mark Twain Overlook in Muscatine

View from the Mark Twain Overlook in Muscatine, Iowa.

65. Muscatine County Courthouse. Muscatine, Iowa.

65 Muscatine - Muscatine County Courthouse Stitch

66. Johnson County Courthouse. Iowa City, Iowa.

66 Iowa City - Johnson County Courthouse Stitch

67. Iowa County Courthouse. Marengo, Iowa.

67 Marengo - Iowa County Courthouse Stitch

68. Jasper County Courthouse. Newton, Iowa.

68 Newton - Jasper County Courthouse Stitch


The current total:

County Map 9

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