Sidetracked by the St. Louis Cardinals

Leaving Keokuk, we had to cross over to Illinois because the U.S. Highway 61 at the Des Moines River was flooded. We drove due south from Keokuk and crossed into Missouri at Hannibal.

After a missed turn, I realized why they put electronic compasses in new vehicles. A detour of just over an hour showed me parts of Missouri I’ll never see again. I say showed me because Jami was sleeping:


Because of my inability to read a sign saying “U.S. 61, Next Left”,  we had to skip the Budweiser Brewery Tour in order to make it to the game on time.

View from the parking ramp:


When we got to the game, we got food. If anyone is curious, this is what $9 nachos look like:


They were breathtaking! The drinks you see in the background… $4.50… each.

Our seats were amazing. The high temperature that day was 95. We were in the shade on the second level directly over first base.

IMG_0460 Stitch

There were doors behind us to a concourse with all kinds of eateries, and every time someone would open the door, a big blast of cooled air would waft over us.

St. Louis Cardinals vs. Philadelphia Phillies. July 22, 2010. 1:00p.m.

Ryan Howard at bat.


Albert Pujols at bat.


Pujols foul ball. You can see the ball behind the ump.


Manager Tony Larussa getting mad.


We almost saw a no-hitter. The game went 11 innings tied at zero until the Phillies scored two runs. Placido Polanco hit a home-run and Jayson Werth drove in Raul Ibanez on a double. The Cardinals couldn’t answer in the bottom.


Cardinals lost this one 2-0.

Post Game:


IMG_0522 Stitch

After the game, we walked down the hill to the Mississippi River and the Gateway Arch.

2010 St. Louis Trip 046 Stitch 2010 St. Louis Trip 045 2010 St. Louis Trip 035 Stitch

2010 St. Louis Trip 009 Stitch

2010 St. Louis Trip 001 Stitch

So after that brief detour, we continue with the counties. But first, the Missouri State Capitol.

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