A Capitol, A Cemetery, and, of course, Courthouses

The plan was simple, get back to Iowa and go to as many courthouses as we could in the southern part of the state. We planned on staying the night at ‘The Forty,’ which is forty acres in Lucas County owned by Jami’s Grandma.

Trip 2c

  1. (A) St. Louis
  2. (B) Jefferson City
  3. (C) La Plata
  4. (D) Bloomfield
  5. (E) Albia
  6. (F) Centerville
  7. (G) Corydon
  8. (H) Chariton
  9. (I) The Forty

A total of 427.1 miles and 9 hours and 15 minutes driving time.

We left St. Louis and headed west on U.S. Highway 50 which took us directly to Jefferson City, the state capitol of Missouri.

IMG_0540 Stitch

IMG_0563 Stitch IMG_0580 IMG_0553

We headed north on U.S. Highway 63 until we got to La Plata, Missouri. The Webber family had settled here in the 1800’s before our branch made the trek north to Waterloo. The cemetery in La Plata was filled with distant relations. I walked up and down every row and photographed every stone that had a familiar name. The highlights:

John Calvin Webber and LaVara Gross; my Great, Great Grandparents.


Addison Gurley Webber and Mary Ann; my Great, Great, Great Grandparents.

DSC00435 DSC00436

There were 64 other headstones, but since this about courthouses and not family history, I digress. Which brings us to the next stop on our tour:

12. Davis County Courthouse. Bloomfield, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Davis County Courthouse in Bloomfield

13. Monroe County Courthouse. Albia, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Monroe County Courthouse in Albia

14. Appanoose County Courthouse. Centerville, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Appanoose County Courthouse in Centerville

15. Wayne County Courthouse. Corydon, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Wayne County Courthouse in Corydon

16. Lucas County Courthouse. Chariton, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Lucas County Courthouse in Chariton

This was a long day and we didn’t spend any time looking for things along the way. We drove the shortest route possible to each destination.

The current total:

County Map 2b

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