And the return home…

We woke up early on Sunday and hit the road just after dawn. We were going to try and hit as many counties as we could and get home by noon so we could relax the rest of the day.

Trip 2d

  1. (A) The Forty
  2. (B) Leon
  3. (C) Mount Ayr
  4. (D) Bedford
  5. (E) Corning
  6. (F) Creston
  7. (G) Osceola
  8. (H) Indianola
  9. (I) Des Moines

A total of 201.6 miles and 4 hours and 51 minutes of driving time.

We headed south out of The Forty and headed through LeRoy and Garden Grove on our way to Leon, our first stop.

17. Decatur County Courthouse. Leon, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Decatur County Courthouse in Leon

18. Ringgold County Courthouse. Mount Ayr, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Ringgold County Courthouse in Mount Ayr

This was an interesting one. The night before they had a huge barbeque contest on the square. It was a real challenge to find a perspective without tents and grills in the shot.

19. Taylor County Courthouse. Bedford, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Taylor County Courthouse in Bedford

This was a cool one. Houses all around the courthouse, not your typical downtown setting. Using the panoramic photo tool in Windows Live Photo Gallery has produced some awesome effects here. Check out the stop sign, and its pole. Also, how the power lines seem to rise instead of sag.

20. Adams County Courthouse. Corning, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Adams County Courthouse in Corning

The park in front of this courthouse is pretty neat. Houses on either side of the courthouse. It sits on top of one of the highest hills nearby. Business and a small downtown section are actually “down” town.

21. Union County Courthouse. Creston, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Union County Courthouse in Creston

It was hard to get a good angle on this one. It’s so massive and it sits real close to the curb. The businesses nearby are in large buildings as well.

22. Clarke County Courthouse. Osceola, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Clarke County Courthouse in Osceola

Not a fan of this one. The building is tiny and unimpressive. And the trees have completely taken over the park around it.

23. Warren County Courthouse. Indianola, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Warren County Courthouse in Indianola

The current total:

County Map 2c

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