And Now A Sense of Urgency

One weekend at deer camp, I wrote a book. I had bought this little leather book full of blank pages at Barnes & Noble.  The idea was simple. I wanted to write down the story of Jami and I. I started with us meeting, and chapter by chapter, I added more and more of our story. When I got to Chapter 33, I wrote one sentence:

Will you marry me, Jami?

Christmas Eve morning, I woke her up nice and early. I let her read the last three chapters and she said, “Yes, of course.”

With the decision to wed, came a new plan. We wanted to finish the courthouses before the wedding in October. That led us to the decision to not take the winter off and at the beginning of January, we headed North once again. This time intending to swing through Nashua so Jami could see the location of our vows at The Little Brown Church in the Vale.

Trip 4 

  1. (A) Des Moines
  2. (B) Grundy Center
  3. (C) Allison
  4. (D) Charles City
  5. (E) Waverly
  6. (F) Waterloo
  7. (G) Toledo
  8. (H) Marshalltown
  9. (I) Des Moines

A total of 308.5 miles and 6 hours and 44 minutes of driving time.

34. Grundy County Courthouse. Grundy Center, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Grundy County Courthouse in Grundy Center

I was worried about this one turning out. The sun was behind the building, leaving it very dark. Through some tweaking in Windows Live Photo Gallery, I came up with this.

35. Butler County Courthouse. Allison, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Butler County Courthouse in Allison

I’m not happy with this one at all. Another hard picture to pull off because of the position of the sun.

36. Floyd County Courthouse. Charles City, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Floyd County Courthouse in Charles City

The Cedar River Dam at Nashua:

Cedar River Dam - Nashua Stitch

37. Bremer County Courthouse. Waverly, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Bremer County Courthouse in Waverly

38. Black Hawk County Courthouse. Waterloo, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Black Hawk County Courthouse in Waterloo

I liked how this one turned out. The gentle curves make it appear as if I used a fish-eye lens.

39. Tama County Courthouse. Toledo, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Tama County Courthouse in Toledo

40. Marshall County Courthouse. Marshalltown, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Marshall County Courthouse in Marshalltown

The current total:

County Map 5

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