“To the river and back!”

As March rolled around, we realized we hadn’t been on the road in a while. With the camera fully charged, we hit the road and headed to the Mississippi River and back.

Trip 5

  1. (A) Des Moines
  2. (B) Fairfield
  3. (C) Mount Pleasant
  4. (D) Burlington
  5. (E) Wapello
  6. (F) Washington
  7. (G) Sigourney
  8. (H) Montezuma
  9. (I) Des Moines

A total of 349.0 miles and 7 hours and 16 minutes of driving time.

41. Jefferson County Courthouse. Fairfield, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Jefferson County Courthouse in Fairfield

This didn’t make any sense to me:


Note the new entry door at the top of the fire escape.

The Carnegie Library in Fairfield:


42. Henry County Courthouse. Mount Pleasant, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Henry County Courthouse in Mount Pleasant

43. Des Moines County Courthouse. Burlington, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Des Moines County Courthouse in Burlington

This was a hard one to photograph. The building was right up on the road and the police station across the street was the same. I might have driven the wrong way down a one-way street here.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the infamous Snake Alley:

Burlington - Snake Alley - Copy

Burlington 2

44. Louisa County Courthouse. Wapello, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Louisa County Courthouse in Wapello

This one was impossible to find. It’s outside of the business district, and with the town butting up to the Cedar River, it’s location didn’t seem logical at first.

In Columbus Junction, I saw a sign for a swinging bridge.


45. Washington County Courthouse. Washington, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Washington County Courthouse in Washington

46. Keokuk County Courthouse. Sigourney, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Keokuk County Courthouse in Sigourney

47. Poweshiek County Courthouse. Montezuma, Iowa.

Composite Photo of the Poweshiek County Courthouse in Montezuma




The current total:

County Map 6

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